Providing comfort in the great outdoors.


Sou’wester has been dedicated to providing strong, quality canvas chair covers since 1939. Our products are resilient, tastefully designed, and come in a wide variety of colors for your perusal.

Ordering Process

  1. Check that the size of the covers you wish to order comes in the right measurements; please refer to the Cover Variations section on this page.

  2. Choose your fabric from the Fabrics section, also located on this page.

  3. Call or email us with your preferences. We prefer to process payment over the phone. Do note that all orders are subject to GST as well as postage and handling charges where relevant.

Things To Note

• All “slide-on/slide-off” covers come with new plastic dowels.

• As postage and handling charges do apply, arranging for pickup from Dandenong would be beneficial for you.

• The standard processing time for new covers is approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the season.


Cover Variations

We offer 5 styles of replacement chair covers:

  • Standard 2-Piece
  • Staple-On
  • Padded 2-Piece
  • “Settler”-Style (large-sized 2-piece)
  • Sling (one continuous piece of fabric)

Please find the dimensions pictured below.


  • You may request sample swatches from us before you decide on a fabric.

  • Caring for your canvas is easy. Simply apply 1 part bleach to 5 parts water with a soft brush to affected areas, then hose off completely. Do not use household detergents or nappy whiteners as this could damage the waterproof wax coating.

  • Do note that certain fabric designs may be in limited stock. Please call to check before ordering to avoid disappointment.

Solid Colors

Please note that “flax” is a heavier, more textured fabric
compared to the other solid colors. 

Printed Colors

Special Colors