Bamboo Supports

Incredibly Beautiful,
Highly Sustainable

Bamboo grows at a whooping rate of 25 cm per day on average, and can reach their maximum height in just 6-7 months. 

Some tropical bamboo species grow up to 30-40 metres tall! 

Bamboo stems are mature and ready for harvest in 3-6 years, after which new bamboo shoots will develop naturally. Because of its amazing growth rate, along with its wide and varied variety of uses, and the fact that fresh bamboo shoots emerge naturally without re-planting, it is considered one of the most sustainable sources of wood by the FSC.

Natural weathering of bamboo will occur over time. This is the result of the interaction between different climatic conditions, such as variations in temperature and relative humidity; therefore, it cannot be avoided.

A Breath Of Fresh Air...

Did you know that the strength and hardness of bamboo timber is equivalent to hardwood timber? Therefore, it has the potential to be a direct substitute for hardwood timber, and can greatly reduce the pressure on natural hardwood forests.

Moreover, bamboo is great for the environment as it is known to produce up to 35% more oxygen than trees and absorbs much more carbon dioxide.

By buying bamboo products, you’re not only getting a beautiful backyard – you’re also contributing to a better environment.

Take a look at our carefully-curated bamboo products below!


Bamboo Poles (Black)

  • Measures 1800mm (length), and comes in diameters of 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm.
  • Doubles as both practical plant support as well as a decorative outdoor feature.
  • Made by local artisans in Indonesia.
  • Treated for insect infestation.

Natural Bamboo Stakes

  • Comes in single units of 900/1200/1500/1800m in length.

Bamboo Stake Bundle (Limited Edition!)

  • Comes in 8mm-diameter bags of 20,
    and 26mm-diameter bags of 6.

Bamboo Expanding Trellis

  • Comes in 1800x900mm and 1800x1200mm.

Bamboo Fantails

  • Available in 1200mm/1800mm in height.