Helping you create and enjoy the beautiful outdoors since 1989


We first started out as humble manufacturers of the unpretentious, yet efficient and flexible treated pine lattice from a small factory in Melbourne’s manufacturing hub of Dandenong, hence the name: “Latticemakers”.

Our lattice became a staple of many Aussie backyards, and it led us to branch out into building fence extensions, and then onto importing hardwood garden stakes, outdoor screens, and plant support. 

We have moved three times since our founding in 1989, but have remained in Dandenong all this time. While we may have grown a lot these past years, we remain ever-passionate about supporting our local community, developing and creating new landscape solutions, as well as providing friendly service to our customers.

The FSC trademark assures consumers that they are supporting the growth of environmentally friendly forestry and protecting old growth forests around the world.