Black Bamboo Half Raft

1800mm (high) x 900mm (wide)
Made by local artisans in Indonesia, these attractive Black Bamboo Rafts create instant privacy.
Constructed with supporting back-slats for extra strength and treated against insect-infestation. To increase longevity, we recommend an extra coat of clear, water-based lacquer.


lattice makers bambo cap RS

Black Bamboo Capping

Top your Black bamboo Half Raft with matching capping to give your fence a more professional look

Yellow bamboo RAFTRS03

Yellow Bamboo Raft

1800mm (high) x 900mm (wide)

Made with naturally yellow bamboo poles approx. 4-8cm in diameter, these panels create an instant screening effect. Strong and durable, and lightly coated with clear lacquer for extra shine. Pin-construction method.

bambo roll lattice makers

Black Bamboo Roll

1800mm (high) x 1500mm (wide)

Made with naturally black bamboo, sourced responsibly, this screen is versatile and flexible. Constructed with galvanised wire.


Black Bamboo Poles

Use outdoors for plant support or indoors as a decorative feature.

Length: 1800mm

  • Diameters: 50mm/60mm/80mm
  • Length: 1800mm